The current business demands are undergoing a dramatic transformation where the diverse workforce wants to be able to work from anywhere, with a secure remote access. The virtualization of Applications and desktops provided by CITRIX has helped to fulfill this need. It provides a completely flexible solution which enables organizations to centralize apps and desktops in the data center and then securely deliver them to the users when demanded, to any device anywhere, while it keeps the relevant and valuable information intact and locked. So it not only increases productivity, but also simplifies management, improves security while reducing costs at the same time.

Apart from providing a simple and safe solution which helps to protect data privacy, it provides solutions which are :

  • Designed for mobility and help to enable flexibility which can bring work and life together. For example, how would it feel if your car is switched to the auto drive mode, while you get a call on the way when you are driving?
  • It creates vertical solutions while leveraging new technologies and helps the user to reimagine experiences, providing a real time feedback. For example, consulting your doctor under a live chat, where you can scan and send your latest report while at work? So basically, it lets you imagine a future where it connects people and ideas.

Today CITRIX is the backbone for the world's largest cloud, which enables business to grow, triumph and recurrently amaze.It has empowered a new mobile workforce which allows millions of people to work on their own terms and focus on what really matters.

Looking forward, they see themselves as a company which is prepared to help businesses to embrace mobility in a world where CHANGE is the only concept, no matter what form devices take.

Their vision for future is to enable new ways of working, make it SIMPLER and help people work, after all, mobility is not just good for businesses, it's good for people too!