Network & IT Security

A good network and IT infrastructure has become a necessity in today's digital world. So Verity brings for you the best services which help to transform the complex network infrastructure to easier ones for better efficiency, adequate telecommunication environments and set ups.

We also help you to make your network infrastructure simpler, so that it supports the necessary needs of thebusiness. Now this critically needs a good network and IT infrastructure because only then will it be able to secure the important information and assets, and make its relationship with the customer through good communication. The services that we offer are network installations,designing the network architecture, complete network analysis and resoling the security related issues.

Network & IT Security

Managed Services

Verity offers network convergence services which helps in removing the necessity of separate storage network architectures. This not only saves time, but also contributes to business innovation and improves business efficiency. Our services include Performance management, VoIP management, managed IP telephony services and VPN services.

Upgrade Services

The upgrade services that we offer helps firms to improve efficiency and increase collaboration in a way that it transforms the network, while simplifying the infrastructure, which supports the crucial needs of the business.

We provide Installation services which start from configuration to validating networking solutions. Our Network consulting services include helping enterprises to develop architectural roadmaps. It also includesthe monitoring, maintenance and management of network infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

These services at Verity include round-the-clock proactive network monitoring and management, performing security assessments, Vulnerability and risk management. Thus a well-maintained and proactively assessed network results in a big difference in operations.