Outsourced Application Services

The Outsourced Application services that Verity has for you heads towards enhancing your business value, the product quality, accuracy and efficiency by all means. The testing services that we offer cater to all hardware as well as software products, which increases productivity and ultimately reduces your system maintenance and upgradation costs.

Our expert team takes into consideration the functional quality of the software which helps in fulfilling the desired results of the user.

The flexibility of our professionals can be seen by the test that they perform to check many operating systems, browsers and applications. Thus it aids in enhancing the life cycle efficiency of the system.

Outsourced Application Services

Key Service Offerings

Verity's Services function helps you to elevate your business to an optimum level by offering new perspectives and methods of work.

Application Development

At Verity, we develop the best quality, and flexible applications which are easy to deploy and maintain, secure and flexible. Our services assist you to define frame and design such kinds of applications which suit and fulfill your business needs as and when desired.

Application Modernization

Our team of experts helps you to revamp the issues that are faced in the legacy system. These may include unsupported systems, the cost of maintenance, multiple technology platforms, lack of employee skillsetand many others.

Application Maintenance

This service at Verity helps you to diminish the amount of time which is spent on the maintenance. This can further assist you to emphasize on other critical issues. Our Application maintenance includes Maintability analysis, offshore ability, maintenance and improvement using the Global delivery Model.

Application Management

The Application Management approach in Verity gears towards offering an optimal application performance benchmark. We provide the best techniques and practices which are required for optimal operation, performance and efficiency in the enterprise.

The services that we offer allows organizations to deliver applications in such a way that the end users can easily handle their relevant task while we look after the rest by offering the following:

  • Product Administration: Here we offer patch management, application deployment and user administration.
  • Manage Releases: We set up test environments,release activities, code deployment and also manage release calendar.
  • Analysis and bug -fixing:This includes a deep analysis of incident and trend analysis, root cause analysis and bug-fixing.
  • Monitoring of Applications: Involves checking, managing applications and batches about their capacity, availability and performance.