Outsourced Database Services

Here at Verity, we bring to you such effective database solutions, which store and regulate the relevant information which suits your requirements. Our experts develop simple as well as complex databases- customized according to the need of the client. We emphasize on databases which help to operate, input, store retrieve and manage data at a large scale. All this includes testing, assessment, planning, designing and implementation and we also improve your data integrity which helps to save your time and money too.

Outsourced Database Services

Key Service Offerings

Database Analysis

Each database implementation is distinct and thus, specifying the need is a significant step. Therefore, we analyze the needs of the project and then design the database structure. We also try to get a full view of the project, so that the objectives can be followed, and the problems and constraints can be dealt with.

DB Implementation and Integration

Verity provides a well-framed database implementation methodology which saves time and enhances accuracy by automating the processes of the company. The integration of Database involves unifying of distinct data sources and it offers this unified view of the data to the users.

Database Upgrades

Verity has excellent expertise in managing up gradation of Database. We use processes which ensure that your data is migrated in a safe manner, without causing any organizational concern or burden. Our Upgrade services provide the latest versions and include Customization, Deployment, Migration and Upgrade assessment.

DB Design and Development

Our Design and Development team makes theoretical and logical themes and designs which results in least possible number of errors which might erupt during the execution process. In order to build the final database, the team builds a comprehensive data model which has multiple design options and specifications which might prove helpful to the applications and ultimately result in good data integrity.

Database Support and Maintenance

The maintenance and support services that we provide result in minimal maintenance expenses because we review the development cycle throughout the process so that the problems that erupt can be solved immediately. We focus on minimizing production disruptions by working on the analysis, and rectification of errors.