Data Warehousing

The aim of Data warehousing at Verity is to deliver a full suite of services which includes data analysis, developing, implementing and upgrading with advanced methodology.

We offer seamless solutions which minimize risk factors while the data warehousing practices are implemented. We enable you to integrate data by merging data from different sources and performing the implementation process. This helps firms to utilize information effectively.

Data Warehousing

DW Integration & Implementation:

The experts at Verity help you to integrate data from various sources and upgrade them to synchronize with the latest updated version of the market's leading software.

Under DW Implementation, our experts work jointly with the client and conclude to the most suitable solution for the particular firm's information environment. Our services include Data Quality Management, Customization and Upgrades and Implementation.

DW Support Services

Our DW services ensure that the data is secure and all support levels are provided, so that the cost on maintenance and implementation is reduced. We offer complete support services throughout the development cycle of data warehouse so as to ensure the best quality of data services.

DW Analysis & Planning

Our experts at Verity provide a distinct view of the current condition and status of your Information Management Infrastructure. We ensure that all your projects are followed in the strategically-planned direction. We also analyze the requirements of the project, data design and modeling apart from data profiling, manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Telecommunications.