Functional Testing

Verity's functional testing helps to assure you about the quality assurance and we base our test cases on the specified software component.

We help you to know the functions of the software andthe way to tackle with the problems that arise with the technology operations. We bring about transparency and clarity in the product cycle and ensure to fulfill the demands and needs of the user, because we are extremely flexible in handling multiple browsers, applications and operating systems.

Test Analysis and Test Execution

Our professional team at Verity identifies the software functioning according to the specified guidelines before the tests and we work out for executing the testing plans to explore and scrutinize the errors.

Creating Test Strategies and Comparing Test Results

Our expert team creates such test strategies which scrutinize the quality of the system in away that it maintains the quality of the project. We also compare the actual results with the expected one and resolve the errors so that the system functions according to the standards fixed for it.