Business Intelligence

Verity's research exhibits that a rightly-managed life cycle of data can create a good, sustainable business value with the help of business intelligence and predictive analysis. And an effective management of data is very important to build highly efficient operational services.

Our experts enable you to analyze and integrate business information with productive deployment. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the firm and thus helps in better decision-making skills.

We help organizations of all sizes to evaluate the business problems and handle risks with the help of technologies like SAP Business Objects, etc. to add good value to the firm. Our services also enable clients to tackle the data wisely which can improve the financial management and regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence

Key Service Offerings

We offer Enterprise information Management strategy, roadmap development, Enterprise Metrics Management, Business data health Checkup, Event monitoring and Organization Deployment.

The technology services provided by us are Data governance, Quality Assurance, Migrationsand data integrations, Upgrades, Data Storage, Master data management and Auditing.

Our Competencies include Cloud reporting, Data visualization and BI consolidation and governance.

BI Service Offerings

The BI Industry services that Verity offers enable firms to quicken and enhance decision-making skills and also increase the operational efficiency. We provide Analytical Templates for reports and scorecards. Business Process Maps related to the industry standards. All these services address the need for verticals like Retail and Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Telecommunications